Roundup-ready, aim, spray: How GM crops lead to herbicide addiction

Originally posted on Grist:
tpmartins To understand the environmental effects of GMOs, I started by looking at plants genetically modified to be insect-resistant — and concluded that they have, on…

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Politics in Action: The Environment of Food Choice

From the European Society of Environmental History (ESEH) Conference 2013.

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Monsanto virtually gives up on growing GMO crops in Europe

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ShutterstockEuropeans who don’t want Monsanto’s GMO crops on their land can rejoice. Monsanto has pretty much given up any hope (at least for now) of selling…

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Video: GMOs: Misconceptions and Concerns from Cornell Univerity

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Senate Passes 2013 Farm Bill: Summary on Key Issues | NSAC

Originally posted on Michigan Voices for Good Food Policy:
This post explains how subsidy reform, beginning farmers, conservation and others faired in the Senate version of the bill: Senate Passes 2013…

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The Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2013

Farm Bill Update: The Senate Agriculture Committee released a draft of the long overdue proposed 2013 Farm Bill.  The current extension to the 2008 Farm Bill ends this September.  Chairwoman … Continue reading

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Two views on ag-gags: The investigator and the farm advocate

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“Farm protection” or “ag-gag” laws aim to outlaw the kinds of undercover investigations that have resulted in massive meat recalls, plant closures, and even criminal charges.…

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GLIDE’s Gardens: Earth Day, Everyday

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Is Organic Always GMO Free?

Originally posted on GMO Awareness:
Organic is Usually GMO Free Buying 100% Organic, certified Organic, and USDA Organic-labeled products is usually the easiest way to identify and avoid genetically modified…

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National Farmworker Awareness Week highlights a dirty labor plight

Originally posted on Grist:
Hey, remember how God made a farmer?  This week it’s time to pay some respect to the folks who actually do most of that farming work.…

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Opening Pandora’s Lunchbox: Processed foods are even scarier than you thought

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You’ve heard of pink slime. You know trans fats are cardiovascular atrocities. You’re well aware that store-bought orange juice is essentially a scam. But, no matter…

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Would you like germs with that? Why food workers need paid sick days

Originally posted on Grist:
This guy should be at home, not making your food. This week, food-labor advocate Saru Jayaraman is releasing her new book, Behind the Kitchen Door, which…

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GMO fail: Monsanto foiled by feds, Supreme Court, and science

Originally posted on Grist:
Shutterstock It’s been a good week if you enjoy a little GMO schadenfreude. The FDA has reportedly bowed to public pressure to extend the comment period…

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We need a paradigm shift and a new article says “yes, we can”

Originally posted on Climate/Oceans Action:
It’s a huge, even monumental task, but we have to think big, even grandiose, if we are to avoid the “four horsemen” of apocalyptic…

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