Food Safety Modernization Act Could Finally Be Implemented With Election Over

US Food Safety

by Joe Satran, Huffington Post

Usually, when President Barack Obama has been criticized for moving too cautiously on a given issue, he’s been able to blame a divided, obstinate Congress for slowing him down. But when it comes to food safety reform, he may not be able to pass the buck quite so easily — because Congress already gave him the go-ahead to act.

Obama signed the landmark Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law in January 2011. The act, which was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton of Ohio and passed with modest Republican support, promised the biggest overhaul of the country’s food safety regulations in decades.

It was supposed to shift the country’s legal regime on food safety away from criminal punishment and toward prevention, largely by instituting four sets of rules about how the food industry, both here and abroad, would have to ensure its products are…

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